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  • Articles about various game topics
  • How to play the events in a smarter way
  • spy reports (espionage) for all kingdoms
    with detailed recommended attack formation
  • Compare commander & castellan sets. See the stats for maxed sets. This is a unique feature !
  • Cost & information for ruby and token buildings
  • Tips & concepts on many in-game topics

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Basic game play

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image empire-logo.png

Welcome to goodgame empire

Basic concepts for beginners on how to start playing GGE (Goodgame Empire)

image Attacking.png


Attacks are the the most important part of the game. Learn how to setup a successful attack.

image Equipment.png


Equipment items makes the difference between an average or professional player. Read more...

image defense.png


Defending is very important aspect of the game. Learn how to maximize your defend setup.

image robber-baron-castle.png

Robber baron castles

Robber Baron Castles are one of the important fundamentals in the game. Learn about them

image PublicOrder.png

Public Order

One of the basic terms in the game. Learn how it is being calculated, ways to increase it and other tips

image gems.png


Emending gems into your equipment pieces can make your commander or castellan much better. Read more.

Events & Strategy

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image Samurai.png

Samurai Invasion

Some tips for the Samurai Invasion event, how to attack in a smart way to save troops & tools.

image Blade-Coast.png

Underworld, The Blade Coast & Thorn king events

Useful tips for these 3 events that appears randomly and last a week.

image nomad-invasion.png

Nomad Invasion

Very similar to "Samurai Invasion". Get some tips and see the rewards you can win.

image storm-islands.png

Storm Islands

Monthly event with very good rewards. Learn about it and get tips for playing it easily.

image Shapeshifter.png

Attack of the Shapeshifters

Learn the basics for the Attack of the shapeshifters event, the best way to play it and get the rewards.

image berimond-invasion.png

Berimond invasion

Another exciting event to get gallantry points: Berimond invasion. Read some tips about attacking camps

image outer-realms.png

Outer Realms

One of the best ways in the game to win construction & upgrade tokens. Get some tips on how to play it.

image FL-BC.png

Foreign Lords / Bloodcrow castles

Tips for playing Foreign Lords & Bloodcrow castles events smartly, to better preform, save tools and gain more glory.

image beyond-the-horizon-logo.png

Beyond The Horizon

An alliance event with players from all over the world. Get tips on how to play this (relatively complex) event well.

image Battle-of-Berimod.png

The Battle for Berimond

The main features for the battle for Berimond event and how to play it smart and get good rewards.

Tips & Concepts

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image fusion-forges.png

Fusion Forges

Increase you PO (public order) with upgrading your decoration items in the Fusion forges.

image alliance-at-war.png

The art of war

War is one of the essence of "Empire". Get yourself familiar with preparation and execution of a successful war.

image build-items.png

Build Items

Very important components in the game to improve your buildings performance, capability or capacity. Learn how to wisely construct them

image glory.png


Glory is important for every player (!) Get tips on how to earn more glory & learn about Glory Titles.

image food-resource.png

Maximize food production

The more food you produce, the more soldiers you can have & become more powerful. Learn how to maximize it.

image special-commander.png

Special commanders

Learn how to build commanders with specific abilities: "Looter", "Fire", "Fast support", "Late detect" & "Honor".

image military-district.png

District Buildings

Buildings that stores other buildings inside them and save valuable space in your castle or OP.

image tax-collector.png


Some specialists are essential for your gameplay, some others are waste of rubies. Learn more...

image ruby.png

Best practice for spending rubies

You don't want to waste your precious rubies for nothing. Learn what are the best buildings for spending them.