Public order (PO)

What is Public Order (PO)

Public order increase food and other resources production. It is specific to each castle or outpost. Your should always try to increase your PO so resource production will also increase.

How public order % is calculated

The formula is:
Decoration + Protection - Population - Unreset = X
± ( 2 * √ X ) + 100 = %PO
Decoration = Total of all decorative items PO points in your castle.
Protection = Your wall & towers & keep level.
Population = The number of citizens in your castle.
Unrest = When you have buildings in fire (after an attack or due to sabotage).

As you can see the first two (decoration & protection) increase your public order while the other two (population & unreset) decrease it.

How to Increase your public order

Our goal is to increase the first two (decoration & protection) and decrease the other two (population & unreset). Those tips apply to your main castle, outposts, and castels in kingdoms as well (!)
Lets see how we can do it :

1. Expand your castle to maximum. This will let you have more space for decorations.
2. Upgrade all towers, wall and "The keep" to maximum. This will increase your "protection" that also increase the public order.
3. Build as many decorations you can in your castle.
4. Demolish unnecessary buildings to free more space for decorations. For example: you do not need "guardhouses" at all - If someone want to spy you, he can do it even when you have those. The "stronghold" and "hideout" are also unnecessary.
5. If you are active player ,(that play almost everyday) then wood/stone buildings can also be demolished, as you may loot enough resources from attacks. Also, dwellings / town houses (building for population) are also a waste of space, since you loot coins from attacks.
6. Have your lowest workload level of granary at 13%, not less. Lower than than produce very little food, and the place is better to use for decoration.
7. Always maintain your castle with 0 "unrest" - put down fires after sabotage or attacks.

Public order on lower levels

If you are a beginner, when you will reach level 35, you will be able to buid "Parks".You should replace all decoration with "parks" in all castles / outposts (store them for use in other castles). When you reach level 51 the "Castle garden" decoration will be available  and you should start replacing all "Parks" with "Castle garden". At higher levels, when you get better decorations (prizes in events you play) replace your lower PO decorations with higher ones.


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