Outer Realms

Outer Realms overview

The Outer Realms event is available to level 70 players only. It is a bi-weekly event that rotates with the "Beyond the Horizon" and takes place in a different dedicated server (that is common to all players worldwide from different servers). It is one of the best ways in the game to win construction & upgrade tokens, that will let you upgrade many important buildings. It is not possible to transfer troops, tools & resources to "Outer realms". However, If you purchase rubies during the event, the unused ones will be transferred back to your main castle.

The event has different (rotating) flavors:

Enter methods for the event


With this method, when you enter the event, you will have a level 11 castle with some buildings already built. You then need to select the formation of your castle, as follows:

Outer Realms starting options
Pioneer's OutpostFree
Royal Keep19,999 Rubies
Emperor's Palace (*)400,000 Rubies

(*) "Emperor's Palace" is unavailable during the "Masters of Might" 


Misty castle

With this method, you copy a "replica" of your main castle to the "Outer Realms" server. All your building & decorations will be copied, but your troops & tools will be not. For this, you will need a "Passage Token" that you can buy for 15 million coins or to win it when you are ranked are at the top 1,000 players in "Kingdom's league". Your entry level will be legendary level 800, and you will start with 100,000 coins & 80,000 food. Note: Your misty castle will be totally independent of your main castle. Any progress you will make in either of them, will not reflect the other.


In all flavors of "Outer Realms" after you have entered the event, you may form a new alliance, or join an existing one. Being a part of an alliance is very important, since you may support each other in case of incoming attacks, have your troops proceeded during your offline time by "support"  another alliance player (or just spend time on travel back & forth),  and also perform other actions as a group.


Near your castle you can find 3 camps:

Heritage Hunter

The goal

Your final ranking is based on "heritage points" you acquire during the event. To win prizes at the end of the event, you will have to be at top 6,000 places when the event ends. The more you have the better is your rank, and the rewards. When you start the event you will have 5,000 "heritage points".


You get more "heritage points" by attacking other castle lords. On every successful attack you will plunder a portion (usually 10%) of their heritage. After any attack (regardless of its result) your troops & tools will return immediately to your castle (there is no travel waiting time). You may increase the amount of heritage you plunder in an attack by buying "Heritage boosters" with rubies. At the end of every day of the event, the leaderboard will update with the ranking, based on the heritage that was collected by all players.

Recruit Maceman &  Crossbowman. They are cheap and fast to recruit and travel very fast (speed: 75). With those, you can have fast attacks on level 11 players (or others players, with a lower level than yourself) near your castle. Chances that they can defend are minimal. You may use those to attack RBC in levels 1-7 (at higher levels, you will need stronger attackers).


The difficult part of the event is to keep your heritage from being plundered by other castle lords. 
Here are the basic guidelines & facts:

  • Incoming attacks will not loot any resources
  • Fire caused by incoming attacks (for low-level castles: 11-21) are very minimal and can be distinguished quickly and with minimal resources.
  • Some of the incoming attacks may be sent by "ruby whales" with a very strong 100/90 commander and a lot of super strong ruby soldiers.

All this leads to a very simple conclusion:

  • Don't try to defend against incoming attacks (!) Frankly, You don't need defenders at all if you are not a "ruby player".
  • If you are online while you see an incoming attack, send your attackers to "support" another alliance member and withdraw them back few seconds after the hit. This way you will keep them alive.
  • When offline, use also the same "support" technique, but to a much further location and/or with slow tools. Try to calculate their way back & forth that will give you enough time. If you have in your alliance a "ruby player" that have thousands of defenders, it might be the best "bird" to support overnight.


The best way to progress is to follow the "quest book" to level up your castle, get rewards during the process.  (or players that are lower level from yourself). The "rule of thumb" is to gain more "Heritage points" than you lose. This will  keep you in good position on the leaderboard at the end of each day.

Attack RBC near you to get coins, resources and equipment pieces. Build your commanders with those pieces that have high melee/range power. This will allow you to further attack higher level RBC & players near you and loot more coins & recources. At a certain point, during day 4-5 of the event, you should have enough coins (65,000) to purchase a 90/90 commander ("Legacy of the Goat Cult") from "The equipment trader". As higher the RBC near you, the more coins you can tool when attacking them. You might later have enough coins for your 2nd 90/90 commander. Next step, when you have both is to go for the 90/90 castellan ("Heritage of the North") for 80,000 coins.

Snappy Swap

The goal

Your initial rank is based on the number of players that has entered the event. You collect "Rank points" by attacking other castles with a higher rank than your own. A successful attack will "swap" places in the ranking leaderboard between you and the other side (e.g. if your rank is 10,000, and you attack a player with a rank of 9,000, you will move to rank 9,000, and he will move to 10,000). However, attacking a lower rank player will not swap places (if your rank is 9,000, and you attack a player with a rank of 10,000 you will not "swap" places). The rank table is calculated daily at 00:30 CET.


In this type of event, attacks can loot food & resources. In order to maintain your rank and prevent being looted by low and medium level players (you will not be able to defend against "ruby players" since they will have strong commander & attackers) you should have a reasonable amount of defenders. Those can be bought with coins at "The Armorer".


As all distances are set to 25 regardless of the actual place on the map, you should choose players that are a little higher rank than yourself, and attack them with a small amount of attackers (usually 50 are enough). A good strategy is to launch your attacks approx. 1 hour before the daily rank table calculation, so they hit just before that time, and you can then maintain your place in the ranking leaderboard.

Masters of Might

The goal

You earn ranking points by increasing your "might points". This is done by constructing and upgrading buildings and build decorations in your castle. You should avoid fires in your castle, since every building that is on fire, will not count in your daily rank calculation. As higher your "might points" are the higher rank you get.


  • When you enter the event, first upgrade "The keep" to level 2. This will allow you to build supplies and pillory instantly.
  • Follow the "quest book" and you will get rewards during upgrades.
  • Recruit Maceman &  Crossbowman. They are cheap, fast to recruit and also travel very fast (speed: 75), hence are ideal for both RBC and PVP attacks.
  • Attack RBC near you to loot food, coins, resources and equipment items. Keep attacking to level them up, so they can give you more food, coins & resources.
  • Build and upgrade your commanders with the melee/range power equipment items.
  • Keep repairing your burning building, so they will count on the daily rank calculation.
  • Since on lower castle levels fires can be extinguished very fast and with low amount of resources, many payers prefer not to defend at all.
  • When you are offline, send your attackers out to "support" a fellow alliance member. Choose a far distance, and "support" for 1 hour (your attackers are vulnerable while at "support") so try to have them "on motion" most of the time. (Use this same strategy when you are online and under attack, retreat them back just seconds after the incoming attack hits).
  • Whenever you have high amount of resources, build  supplies and pillory decorations, up to the maximum available space in your castle. Choose what to build according the resource you have more (supplies need more wood, while pillory need more stone). This will let you "balance" your resources.


In this flavor of event, you will get both veterans attackers and  construction & upgrade tokens if your rank is up to 10,000. Other ranks up to 50,000 will only get veterans attackers (bot not tokens). If you need those super strong attackers, you might want to join the event with minimal activity just to finish within the 50,000.

Tips for ruby players

If you are a ruby player, you will be able to get to a good rank and win the rewards easily. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your ruby purchase:

  • Wait with your purchase for a promotion (e.g. "200% ruby prime time"). Buy your rubies with a "bonus package" that will give you "construction" & "Upgrade" tokens.
  • Focus on "relic" buildings. They will give most "might points" and will not burn in case you are being looted.
  • Build many "guard houses". This will prevent other players from spying you and therefore they will not have a clue about your defense formation, number of defenders etc. 
  • Regularly monitor the promotions, you might find some of them useful to spend your rubies (e.g. tokens that are a must for relic buildings).
  • Don't force yourself to "waste" all your rubies in all costs. Be smart (!). Unused rubies will be transferred back to your main castle when the event ends.

The Armorer

Armorer sells soldiers and tools that are a bit cheaper than in your regular server.

All soldiers and tools have a maximum limit of 500.

The Armorer selling items
NameCostTravel speed
Veteran two-handed swordsman83 Coins28
Veteran heavy crossbowman75 Coins28
Berserker155 Coins30
Spear Woman150 Coins30
Royal Sentinel61 Coins32
Royal Scout54 Coins32
Master swordsman20 Rubies28
Master archer18 Rubies28
Veteran flame bearer38 Rubies25
Veteran composite bowman36 Rubies25
Soldier's banner13 Rubies28
Shield wall12 Rubies28
Boulders14 Rubies28
Breaching tower8 Rubies75
Heavy ram10 Rubies75
Cast iron mantlet5 Rubies22
Assault bridge5 Rubies22
Siege tower4 Rubies70
Iron ram4 Rubies70
Arrow slit17 Rubies28
Portcullis17 Rubies28
Murder hole16 Rubies28
Fire moat20 Rubies28
Tar pitch kettle7 Rubies22
Insulating mat11 Rubies22
Bulwark9 Rubies22
Flaming arrows11 Rubies22

The Traveling merchant

Traveling merchant sells resources that allows you to upgrade your buildings.

All items are sold for rubies only.

The Traveling selling items
Olive oil59,28080,0008
Resources & Coins

The Equipment Trader

Equipment Trader sells equipment sets that gives you 90/90 melee and range combat strength.

Each of the sets can be bought only twice per event.

Equipment Trader selling items
Commander Sets
Apparatus of the Summoner's Apprentice60,000 Rubies
Artifacts of the New Bloom30,000 Rubies
Legacy of the Goat Cult65,000 Coins
Apparatus of the Summoner's Apprentice (*)1,900 Coins
Materials of the Master Summoner (*)5,100 Coins
Enchanted Materials of the Master Summoner (*)5,100 Coins
Castellan Sets
Armor of the Woodland Nymphs75,000 Rubies
Kala's Mysteries40,000 Rubies
Heritage of the North80,000 Coins
Artifacts of the New Bloom (*)1,900 Coins
Garments of the Master Summoner (*)5,100 Coins
Enchanted Garments of the Master Summoner (*)5,100 Coins
Commander Gems & Hero
Desert Stone (*)Gem475 Coins
Fire Stone (*)Gem475 Coins
Ice Stone (*)Gem475 Coins
Earth Stone (*)Gem475 Coins
Apprentice Summoner (*)Hero475 Coins
Desert RuneGem1,275 Rubies
Fire RuneGem1,275 Rubies
Ice RuneGem1,275 Rubies
Earth RuneGem1,275 Rubies
Master SummonerHero1,275 Rubies
Castellan Gems & Hero
Goat's eye (*)Gem475 Coins
Fly's eye (*)Gem475 Coins
Eagle's eye (*)Gem475 Coins
Lizard's eye (*)Gem475 Coins
Son of the Eagle (*)Hero475 Coins
Sphere of DarknessGem1,275 Rubies
Shade SplintersGem1,275 Rubies
Shadow SpikesGem1,275 Rubies
Sorcery StonesGem1,275 Rubies
Shadow SorcererHero1,275 Rubies

(*) Item is available only for players that purchase rubies at least once


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