All you need to know about glory

Glory - the basics

The game has various power measurement systems. The major one is Glory (another one is called Gallantry but it is only for "The Battle of Berimond" event).You gain Glory points by attacking other players & participating in "glory invasion targets" events. when you increase your "Title" you get bonuses that help with your play. But here is the tricky part: every 24 hours you will lose a small portion of your Glory points: (this is a percentage of your total points, and it is changing: as higher your score -> higher percentage you lose !). The idea behind this point/score systems is to keep you playing the game as much as possible (and of course to buy more rubies that makes the goodgames company richer).

How to obtain maximum glory

Glory points can be gained by attacking the other player castles and outposts, as well as capitals & metros or by participation in 2 events for "glory invasion targets" which are "Foreign Lords" & "Bloodcrow castles". As higher your "Glory points" you will have a higher "Title" with better bonuses.

At higher levels of the game, it is very important to keep your glory high in all times. Experienced players are using different techniques to acquire very high amounts of glory during the "Glory invasion targets" events, so on times between those events (when loosing 10% of glory each day) they will not lose more than what they have eared before. Therefore, we first need to know and understand which of the game's components are effecting your glory:

  • Coat of arms - Choose the highest symbol that you have enabled for "increase glory for attacks in X%" and put this symbol twice in your coat of arms, Hoovering your coat of arms will show you the total amount
  • Hall of legends - Allocate 5 points to the "Glorious" item (middle of the 4th row) to get 50% more glory on attacks
  • Alliance monument - When your alliance owns a monument that started with level 5, it can be maxed to level 19 to give extra 20% glory on attacks
  • Use a commander with good glory bonus. Some relic commanders can boost "glory earned when attacking glory invasion targets up to 114%. This will work only for "Foreign Lords" & "Bloodcrow castles" events, but not on other players castles.
  • Use banners - Use banners in smart way for your attacks to boost the glory you earn.
  • Build a "Glory memorial" - A military building that you can buy with rubies (7,500 for 1st level, +5% glory) and then can be upgraded (with rubies only) up to level 100 (+400% glory). This building is for "heavy ruby whales" - to go all the way from level 1 to level 100 will cost you the enormous sum of exactly16,324,800 rubies (!)

Using banners

One of the most common way to boost the glory you earn on "glory invasion targets" is to use banners

If you are not a ruby player, you will need to use your banners in a smart way to maximize the glory you earn for attacks. You should not waste your high % banners on "low" castes. Since glory is determined not only by the number of defenders, but also by their type, its not a good practice to use banners on such castles (you will see some targets that can have 2,800 defenders in total, but 1,000 of them are attackers). 

To maximize your banner;s use, here is a "rule of thumb" formula that works well:

No. of troops in castle you attack  
————————=% banners to use

Here are the most common banners you may use:

Type of Banners and how to obtain them
Banner nameGloryHow to obtain
Banner1%Produced in Siege workshop (cost: 125 coins)
War banner2%Buy with 19 rubies
Win in events or missions
Hero's banner3%Buy with 34 rubies
Buy at armorer or Master Blacksmith x100 for 34 silver pieces
Banner of Triumph4%Buy with 108 rubies
Win in events or missions
Banner of the foreign invaders4%** Can only be used in "glory invasion targets" events
Win at the "War of The Realms" event (Alliance Rewards)
 Horsetail standard 5%Buy x5 for 30 "Khan Tablets" at "Herald of the Invasion"
Royal banner6%Buy with 67 rubies
Win at some events as an alliance reward
King's banner8%Buy with 84 rubies
Win at some events as an alliance reward
Win at the "Wheel of Unimaginable" (3.2% chance to win x1000)
???? banner9%Special offers to buy with (a lot of) rubies
???? banner10%Special offers to buy with (a lot of) rubies

Glory Titles

The lowest "Title" for the "Glory system" is called "Knight" (0-19 points)  Your "Title" is always shown next to your name (either a prefix or suffix) and is visible to other when they click on your name to see your information, or hover over your castle on the world map. As you acquire more "Glory points"  your "Title" will change accordingly, to a higher and more powerful one, which will then give you a bonus. This can vary between: earning coins & rubies, a faster travel speed, a cheaper recruitment for specific troops and so on and so forth. High titles would even let you recruit more powerful soldiers as well (!) This makes to conclusion that your goal is to get as much Glory as possible, so the automatic reduce will not harm your "Title"

Glory Titles & Rewards


Daily lose
Top 1the Invincible20% attack bonus for all targets10%
Top 10the Feared10% attack bonus against other castle lords10%
Top 50the RemorselessSpear Woman can be recruited10%
Top 100the ProudBerserker can be recruited10%
586,100the Fearless30% less coin cost for Crossbowman of the elite guard10%
536,100the Furious20% faster travel speed9%
489,700the Resolute30% less coin cost for Knight of the elite guard8%
446,300the Steel-heartedCrossbowman of the elite guard can be recruited7%
405,700the VictoriousKnight of the elite guard can be recruited6%
367,700the Merciless8% more glory gained6%
332,100the Relentless200% faster production for wooden rams, ladders & shields5%
298,700the Vicious30% less coin cost for Scout of the Kingsguard5%
267,300the Vengeful30% less coin cost for Sentinel of the Kingsguard4%
237,700the UndauntedScout of the Kingsguard can be recruited4%
209,700the HonorableSentinel of the Kingsguard can be recruited3%
183,100the Noble100% faster production for wooden rams, ladders & shields3%
157,700the TerribleCrossbowman of the Kingsguard can be recruited2%
133,300the ConquerorKnight of the Kingsguard can be recruited2%
110,200the Greatx2 alliance glory points earned2%
87,500the Unyielding1,400 Rubies2%
65,000King30% less coin cost for Heavy Crossbowman2%
42,710Prince30% less coin costs for Two-handed Swordsman2%
28,060Archduke1000 Rubies2%
18,440Grand Duke10,000 Coins2%
12,110Duke5% more coins for glorious attacks2%
7,960Vice Duke700 Rubies2%
5,230Marquis7,800 Coins1%
3,440Count Palatine30% less coin cost for Crossbowman1%
2,260Count30% less coin cost for Maceman1%
1,480Viscount5% more coins for glorious attacks1%
870Baron300 Rubies0%
110Baronet5% more coins for glorious attacks0%
20Chevalier3,700 Coins0%



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