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About the Game

Goodgame Empire is a free online, browser-based multiplayer strategy and war game that takes place in the "Middle Ages". It was created by a German game developer company: Goodgame Studios. The game was released in August 2011th and as for 2021 there are more than 80 million registered players (worldwide) and is available in 25 languages. The game has been available as an app under the name “Empire: Four Kingdoms” since January 2013 for Android and iOS operating systems.

Choosing the version and a server to play the game

When you start playing, you first need to choose a server to connect to according your geographical region and language (the game has more than 10 servers in different languages and geographical locations). As the servers are independent (creating an account in one server will let you login to that server only) you need to choose it carefully (!) If you are not sure, the best practice is to connect to one of the "international" server (int1, int2 ...) which are a mix of players from many countries, and usually English is the language spoken in alliances (see later).

It is also important to know that if you open your account using desktop browser (playing "Empire") is it totally isolated from the mobile version "Four kingdoms". However, you will be able to use your mobile browser to access the game, but playing from your mobile browser is not so convenient.

Start Paying

You start playing with a small castle, located in a kingdom called: "The Great Empire". This castle then can be expanded, upgraded to be more powerful one. You recruit soldiers (attacking to perform attacks and defenders to be able to defend your castle), build tools (both for attack and defense) and also expand your castle. All this is done with basic resources (stone, wood) that you accumulate and loot. You also do "research" to have more capabilities and more power. 


One of the game main advantages is alliances. You can form your own (new) alliance or join an existing one.

When you join an alliance you are able to:

  • Get more rewards from participating in event.
  • Participate in war against other alliances, where players can protect each other (and they can protect you as well !) in case of an attack, plan attacks strategies against other players.
  • Exchange resources & send gits to other players in your alliance.

Outposts (OPs)

When you advance in the game, you can have up to 3 outposts OPs on "The Great Empire" kingdom. Those OPs can be captured from other players or build from scratch. You will be able to expanded & upgrade your OPs and gives you the ability to have more troops, generate more resources and progress further in the game.


The main basic resources are:

Food - so you can feed your troops, if there is not enough food at any time they will starve and you lose them.

Wood & Stone: can be generated in every kingdom, used for construction of buildings, doing research.

Kingdom specific resources: charcoal, olive oil, glass, generated at the respective kingdom only, but can be transferred to other kingdoms. Those are needed for construction of more advanced buildings.


As you progress in the game, you will be able to build additional castles in 3 other kingdoms. In those kingdoms you can not build OPs but you can have "resource villages" that will help you acquire resources more easily. In addition every kingdom has its own "kingdom special resoure" which can be transferred to other kingdoms and use to structure building in your castles and OPs.

  • Everwinter Glacier - enter at Level 25 (or Level 18 when paying with rubies) generates "charcoal"
  • Burning Sands - enter at Level 40 (or Level 35 when paying with rubies) generates "olive oil"
  • Fire Peaks - enter at Level 50 (or Level 45 when paying with rubies) generates "glass"

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