Equipment pieces are one of the fundamentals of goodgame Empire. Equipment pieces allow you to build your commander (for attacking) and your castellan (for defending). There are 6 types of equipment pieces:  Armor, Artifact, Helmet, Weapon, Hero and  Look that will match 6 slots on every commander or castellan.

Equipment pieces come in 5 rarities which are represented by different colors:

Equipment Rarities





Sell Price


Relicblue503200-400 shards

Every equipment piece has 1-3 different bonuses. When you upgrade an equipment piece (using "The Technicus") each of the bonuses is upgraded by s small value, making a better overall contribution of that equipment to the respective commander or castallan.

You also can "forge" equipment pieces (with the same rarities) at "The Smithy" or sell any equipment piece for coins (with an exception for the Relic ones that can be sold for "Shards").

Getting equipment pieces

Equipment pieces can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Defeating NPC (e.g. Robber Baron castles) is all kingdoms, will give you from time to time (randomly) an equipment piece. You may win a piece up to Legendary (orange), but they will never give you a Unique (red) or Relic (blue).
  • Winning equipment pieces on events that you participate (e.g. defeating "Nomad Camps" on the "nomad invasion" event).
  • Buying equipment pieces from the "Equipment Trader" or the "Master Blacksmith".
  • By successfully completion special quests.
  • Special offers, mostly with the need to spend rubies.
  • Alliance Smithy (for producing only Relic equipment pieces).

Most of the equipment pieces that you get, are in a basic level (1) and can be upgraded to a maximum level 20 (using "The Technicus"). Exception for that are the relic (blue) pieces that can be upgraded to a maximum level of 50 (using "Relicus Enhancement"). However, when using special offers or buying equipment complete sets with rubies, you may get the whole set already at the maximum level 20.

Equipment Pieces Sets

The unique equipment pieces has a feature that they sometimes comes a a "set". There are "sets" of 3,4,5 and also 9 (which means that you have also 4 gems that belong to that "set" to embed into the pieces. This means that when you put equipments from a "set" in a commander or castellan slots, you will gain extra bonus for more pieces that you use. Some equipment "sets" has extra bonuses that are "general" (you can benefit from them everywhere) but others can impact only certain events types of targets. For example: you may see: "20% combat strength of melee soldiers when attacking NPC targets" will only give the bonus for attacks on NPC (non player castles) like "Robber Baron Castles" nut not on "Foreign lords" or "Bloodcrow" targets, nor on regular players.


Gems are meant to be embedded to each and every equipment piece. They give that equipment extra bonuses. There are three type of Gems:

  • Normal Gems - Can be embedded to any non-relic equipment piece, they vary from level 1 to 13 and can be "forged" at "The Smithy".
  • Unique Gems (red) - Can be emended into Unique equipment pieces only, can not be upgraded.
  • Relic Gems (blue) - Can be embedded to relic equipment pieces only, can be upgraded at "Relicus Enhancement" (up to a level of 50) therefore are very powerful.

You may read more about gems here.

The Technicus

You will see "The Technicus" tent near your main castle from time to time. His appearance is to give you the chance to upgrade your commander & castellan items. You will pay him by coins to do the upgrade.
Every item has its maximum level limit as described in the Equipment Rarities table.

Upgrading items

When you put the item you want to upgrade in the "upgrade slot" you will see the item's characteristics, and the new values of them in cast the upgrade attempt will succeed. Of course that If the upgrade attempt fails, the item will remain the same
Any upgrade has a % chance to succeed (as higher the level, the lower is that chance), cost coins (again, as higher the level the more coins you need to pay for an upgrade attempt), so upgrading items to higher levels (or to maximize them) will cost you a lot of coins (actually we are talking about millions of coins). At any stage you may "pay" with rubies to make the next attempt 100% successful, but this will cost you a lot of (real) money of course.
This is one of the reasons why attacking RBC for coins is so important in the game.

Bonuses Type and Lines they appear in

The 1st (top) line is the one that can be upgraded the most, then the 2nd and the 3rd lines.

When building some special ability commanders (e.g. late detect, fire or loot) you need to consider the order of the bonuses, to get the maximum available ability when you upgrade them, Since some of the full upgrades will cost you millions of coins, you should know exactly which items you want to keep (and eventually upgrade) and which items are not needed, hence can be sold (for all you get coins except the relic ones that you will get relics). Not to mention that good planning for commanders and castellns will make you a better and stronger player.

Blood Winged Galea HelmetFor example a basic (level 1) unique (red) helmet piece "Blood Winged Galea" has a 1st line: "24% combat strength for melee units".Since this is a unique commander, it can be upgraded 20 times (to level 20), so the maximum that you may get from this equipment piece is 38% melee combat strength (24% + ( 20 x 0.7% ) = 38%.

The following table shows the steps for a single upgrade (in percentage) for every bonus type (this applies only to Ordinary - Unique pieces):

The Technicus bonuses steps (in percentage)
Bonus TypeLine 1Line 2Line 3
Melee soldiers combat strength0.70,40.4
Range soldiers combat strength0.70,40.4
Wall protection0.80,40.4
Moat protection0.70.30.3
Gate protection0.80,40.4
Travel speed0.70,40.4
Later detect of attack0.80,40.4
Earlier detection of attack0.80,40.4
Glory points0.60.30.3
Resources looted0.70.30.3
Honor earned bonus0.90.50.5

The Cost

When you upgrade an equipment piece, you usually use coins. The higher the level is, the less chance that the upgrade will succeed. As mentioned before upgrading unique equipment pieces might be very costly to maximize them !

Paying with rubies instead of coins, will give you at any level, a 100% chance of success, as in many other game aspects, players that wish to save time, progress faster etc. and willing to buy rubies for real money have a huge advantage over players that won't.

The flowing table shows the cost & chance for successful upgrade in "The Technicus":

Cost & chance for successful upgrade in "The Technicus"







1170 100% 
31,10055070%Ordinary max
85,8304,33026%Rare max
1211,62010,15012%Epic Max
1618,94018,5805%Legendary max
2027,68029,6802%Unique max

The Smithy

At "The Smithy" you may "forge" existing equipment pieces into new pieces. You may mix commander & castellan pieces together as long as are the same raritie (color). You may put 3 items, to forget the same level of a (random) new equipment piece, or to put 6 (fill all the slots) and forge 1 level higher piece of equipment. Unique (red) and Relic (blue) items can not be forged at "The Smithy".

At "The Smithy" you may also "forge" new Gems. The technique is to put one Gem that you wish to upgrade in the center slot, and then to put other Gems on the surrounding slots (they can be same level or higher), hence it is a waste to use higher level of gems: always use the same level. You have an "Auto-Fill" button that will fill the surrounding slots automatically. For each level you have a chance of a successful upgrade that is getting lower for a higher level gem you try to upgrade. Here, like in many other aspects of the game, you may use rubies to have a 100% success with any upgrade (once again, players that willing to pay with real money to get rubies, get a huge advantage over players that won't).

When a Gem is successfully upgraded, a new Gem, with the same capacity (and the same color) but 1 level higher is being generated.

Here are the various options and the costs (coins) for using "The smithy":

The options and costs for using "The smithy"
You put inYou get outCost (coins)
3 Ordinary1 Ordinary10
6 Ordinary1 Rare25
3 Rare1 Rare500
6 Rare1 Epic2,500
3 Epic1 Epic4,000
6 Epic1 Legendary20,000
3 Legendary1 Legendary25,000

Alliance Smithy

The "Alliance Smithy" is where you can produce a (random) Relic equipment piece. You may pay with either coins or gold. Every time you use the "Alliance Smithy" the price (coins or rubies) is getting higher, so you should wait 24 hours for the next use if you want the price to stay the same (usually the basic price is 60,000 coins) When paying with rubies, a better quality piece is generated.The alliance smithy level determines the quality of the equipment piece that you get. (your alliance members with the appropriate rank can upgrade the "Alliance Smithy" using the "Alliance Funds").

Relicus Enhancement

The Relicus Enhancement is where you can upgrade your relic pieces, much the same as using  "The Technicus" for upgrading non-relic equipment pieces. You may go up to level 50, making  very powerful commanders & castellans (!) There is an option to search by equipment (or gem) name or to filter by type: commander's, castellan's or in storage equipment. When you select an equipment piece to upgrade, you can choose between the "Primary effects" or the "embedded gem" (if there is a gem embedded into that piece). Then you have two options for upgrade:

  • "Standard" - You pay with coins & relic shards, the success chance for the upgrade is getting lower as you level up.
  • "Premium" - You pay with rubies & relic shards, the success chance is always 100% (!) This is another part of the game, as many others, when players that are wishing to pay with real money to buy rubies get a huge advantage.


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