The Keep

The Keep is the only building that is automatically placed in every new castle you unlock (in kingdoms) or an outpost you capture. "The Keep" controls the basic "Construction speed" for every building in the castle or outpost (this can be further enhanced by doing proper research) and also the amount of "safe storage" which means the amount of each resource that can not be looted on attacks (up to 2,000 on level 6). When defending, the courtyard battle takes place at "The Keep". The design of the keep changes with every level and it is also reflected on the map.

Cost for The Keep
Level Construction tokens Upgrade tokens Construction speed Safe storage
1N/A 100% 800
21,255 wood & 960 stone 125% 1,000
36,347 wood & 7,627 stone 150% 1,000
423,200 wood & 48,156 stone 175% 1,000
572,010 wood & 80,980 stone 200% 1,000
61,240 5,200 200% 2,000
Total1,240 5,200