Storm Islands

The Storm Islands

"The Storm Islands" is an event that last for 1 month in a separate kingdom (you will find it on the Kingdom's map). When the month is over, there is a "Moon Storm" that "washes" everything. The only thing that survive the "Moon Storm" are the "Cargo Ships" that you build in your castle. That can carry a special resource called: Aquamarine to "The Great Empire" kingdom. You will lose your castle & resources however, your troops & tools will be transferred automatically to your main castle in "The Great Empire" and the event will then start over again. The new version of "The Storm Islands" (from 2021) will give you better rewards than the old version, so this is a worth playing event.

The Goal

The goal of "The Storm Islands" event is to have the most "Cargo Points". At the end of the event, all your "cargo points" will be added to the alliance total and rewards are given to the top players & alliances that reached the most "cargo points". You collect a special resource called "Aquamarine" which is used to build "Cargo Ships" that then will give you and your alliance "cargo points".

With the new version of "Storm Islands" there are 3 ways to get "Cargo Points":

  • Build (and upgrade) your "Cargo Ships" to hold the maximum amount of aquamarine possible.
  • Defeat "Storm Forts"
  • Capture "Resource Islands"


Aquamarine is a unique resource for storm island. It can not be transferred to any other kingdom nor be donated to alliance funds. It is only used to build "Cargo Ships" which will give you "cargo points".  You may capture it from NPC targets (called: "Storm Forts") from "Resource Islands" but not from other players castles or "Resource Islands" (see "Fair Play").

Fair Play

Despite the fact that every player castle or "Resource Island" is attackable (as any other target in the game) an un-written rule of "Fair Play" is not to attack & loot Aquamarine from other players in "The Storm Islands". Even alliances that are in war usually does not attack other players in "The storm Islands" (attacking other players castles or capturing "Resource Islands" that are already owned by other players is considered as "bullying play" and should be avoided.

Resource islands

"Resource Islands" are similar to "Resource Villages" (RVs) on kingdoms: they give you resources (wood/stone/aquamarine) but unless RVs you may hold them for a certain period of time depending on their size (4, 6 or 8 hours). Every "Resource Island" gives exactly one resource. At the end of the timer the "Resource Island" will sunk and give you that resource at once.

Tips for smart playing 

  • Upgrade your "Storehouse" to maximum level. This will give you maximum upgrade time for your "Cargo Ships" and of course you will use less "time skippers". 
  • To maximize space for "Cargo Ships", expand your castle to maximum.
  • Use a relic commander that has high bonus for "construction speed". This will further improve your build speed (!) You may easily find this bonus with the "equipment finder" as shown below:
  • Transfer troops from any other kingdom to storm island. You need minimum of 500 troops to attack big islands. Since there is not enough food to feed that many soldiers you will have to transfer, from time to time food to "The storm Islands" to prevent your troops from starving.
  • Demolish all un-unnecessary buildings to make more space for your "Cargo Ships". You don't need any wood/stone buildings (you loot them from "Resource Islands" or transfer from other kingdoms) also the "Marketplace" can be safely demolished.
  • Try to find high level "Storm Forts" to attack (level 70,80) as they will give you a nice amount of Aquamarine (usually 10-15k) and some small amount of food to your soldiers alive. They will also give you some "Cargo Points".
  • Spy on the those "Storm Forts" to see the formation before you attack. Some of them have (from time to time) a very low (20-30) defenders only, so you can attack with 2 flanks only and have the rest of the battle done in the courtyard (with 20-30 defenders only).

Storm Forts

Storm forts is the easy way to get Aquamarine. They vary from level 10 to level 80, the higher a "storm fort" level you defeat, the more Aquamarine you loot. There are two types of "storm fort":

Fully defended

Those will have 20-200 defenders (according to their level) with range and melee tools. To defeat  those with minimum loss, you will need to attack with range tools (if you use a good 90/90 commander with good wall deduction, you will not need wall tools).

Poorly defended

Those will have 15-20 defenders only, with no tools. Those are very easy to defeat, usually with 2 flanks attacks, without tools. They will usually will give you the same amount of Aquamarine (according their level).

Cargo Ships

When you build "Cargo Ships" to get "Cargo Points" you need to use your Aquamarine smartly (!) The best approach is to build them increasingly. This means that you should occupy all available space with level 1 "Cargo Ships" then upgrade all of them to level 2 and so on and so forth. You can see that in "Cargo Ships" up to level 8 the ratio between "Cargo Points" and "Aquamarine" is decreasing as you level up. Only with ships level 9 and 10 (very costly and a lot of time skippers to use) this ratio is increasing).

When you max your castle, demolish all except: 4 x farmhouse, storehouse, flour mill & barracks you will have space for 63 "Cargo Ships" which will require you, if you can maxed them all (with enough time skippers) an amount of 16,694,370 Aquamarine (!)

Cargo Ships building cost and Ratio
LevelAqua cost for level upCargo pointsRatio Cargo/AquaXP earnedAqua for
63 ships


Storm Island has a new reward system since January 2021. Rewards are given to the alliances, based on all payers (that participate in "Storm Islands" during the month) performance. The more points your alliance is making the better the prizes (!)

"Storm Islands" is a great way for an alliance to obtain coins & rubies that can be used to various actions that can upgrade the alliance abilities. With this in mind, players of alliances that regularly participate in "Storm Islands" does not need to donate coins or rubies to alliance (therefore, can focus only on donation wood & stone).

Here are the rewards that you can get:

Storm Islands Cargo Contest Rewards

Reward for Player

Reward for Alliance

Top 5Sacrificial Pond (1800 PO)100,000 Rubies
200,00035 Sceats30,000 Rubies
160,000350 Construction tokens40,000 Rubies
90,0001,550 Upgrade tokens30,000 Rubies
50,000 300,000 Coins, 30,000 Rubies
15,000 275,000 Coins, 25,000 Rubies
5,000 250,000 Coins, 25,000 Rubies


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24 Jan 2024 13:26

When a player leve the alian?a in durante event, hi lista his cargo points ? And the alliance Los The same??

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23 Feb 2024 01:53

The points go with player. Alliance loses those points

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21 Jun 2023 21:27

In Storm my castle is completely expanded and half full with lvl 8 ships . I have 100K cargo points . How can someone with only 4 ships at lvl 7 have the same amount ??? Driving me nuts to figure this out .

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23 Feb 2024 01:52

Islands give you cargo points and so do forts. You can get anywhere from 500-750 cargo points from LG islands and 300-450 points from small islands.

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04 Nov 2023 19:15

You get points from attacking islands as well. Someone who attacks them constantly throughout the event can get a couple hundred thousand points by the end of the month without building even a single ship.

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Lord Night Fox

04 Nov 2021 16:47

in case you dont know you can figure out the number of soldiers in forts from lvl 60+ without actually spying... just open they send spy button and check the following lvl 60--> 50 guards ( + sld) 60 guards (- sld) lvl 70--> 55 guards (+ sld) 65 guards (-sld) lvl 80--> 60 guards (+ sld) 75 guards (- sld)