Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon is a relatively new event which was first introduced in the 3rd quarter of 2019. The event is an alliance event (where alliances from all over the world are competing with each other) and takes place on a separate server (not the one you are playing on), hence allowing players from all servers around the world to participate. When players are joining the event they combine "Horizon alliances". To participate, you should be at least level 30 and playing in an alliance when the event starts (if you change alliance during the event, you will not be able to play). "Beyond the Horizon" takes place in a world called: "Tangled Wilderness". This is a very dense world map with all alliances from every server around the world.

Event goal: gain Influence (and hold it...)

  Your goal of "Beyond the Horizon" event is that your "Horizon Alliance" will acquire (and also hold, which is the difficult part, see later) influence. The "Horizon Alliance" with the most influence at the end of the event wins the event. Influence can be obtained by attacking "City States" and other players. The influence is daily transferred to your "capital". One of the challenges of this event is how to hold your influence, preventing from other alliances to "plunder" it. Every "Horizon alliance" will accumulate its influence in a "capital" that they will need to defend together.  

Choosing the Leader

Every alliance has a "leader" (which is the 1st player that enter the event). As the "Horizon Alliance" has only 22 members, the 23rd player that enters will be the "leader" of the 2nd "Horizon alliance" and the 45th player will be the leader of the 3rd "Horizon alliance".

The "leader" has a very important role in "Beyond the Horizon" - he is the player that will hold the "capital" until the end of the event.

The reasons for that are as follows:

  • The "capital" cannot later be transferred to any other member in the alliance
  • The "leader" cannot "resign" from being a "leader" (appoint someone else to be the leader)
  • The "leader" cannot leave the event before it ends

Holding the "capital" (making a good defense setup when it is attacked, managing its resources etc.) is a complex task. Therefore, a very experienced player should be the one that is responsible for the capital to the benefit of all other players. Therefore, choosing a good "leader" among your (original) alliance before entering the event, is a key to succeed in "Beyond the Horizon" event and therefore is highly recommended.

How to start playing

First you need to know that you have 2 days from the start of the event to join (after those 2 days, you will not be able to join). When you enter the event for the first time, you can choose which castle do you want to start with. Your choices are:

Starting options for Beyond the Horizon
Starting castle nameCost
Pioneer's OutpostFree
Royal Keep19,999 Rubies
Battalion's Keep19,999 Rubies
Emperor's Palace400,000 Rubies

When you join the event, you will have an amount of 25,000 influence. You can gain more by conquering "City States" you will find on the event's map. Any "City State" you conquer you will trigger a timer that will give you the influence (automatically) after 8 hours (troops in the "City state" will also return to your castle). That timer start counting at the 1st time this "City State" is captured, so another player capture will not reset it. Influence will be given to the player that holds the "City State" when timer shows 0 (zero). Therefore, it is obvious that when the timer is close to its end, you should expect attacks from other on your "City State". Once a "city State" gave its influence, it will be removed from the map.

Special buildings on the map


  Every "Horizon Alliance" has one capital. It accumulates the influence from all players. When other alliances attack your capital, they will plunder a portion of its influence, so defending it properly is a key part of the event. As said, the capital's owner can not be changed.  

Observation Towers

  When you capture an Observation Tower (OT) it will give you a bonus when you attack City States and other alliances Capitals. However, the OT  will be randomly disappear from the map (your troops will automatically return to your castle). Every "Horizon alliances" can hold up to 5 OTs at any time (total for all members).  

City States

  Capturing a "City State" and holding it until the timers become zero (usually after 8 hours) will transfer automatically to your castle 100,000 Influence. After that it will vanish and your troops will come back to your castle. On each "City State" you can find "Alters" which can be upgraded to reduce the waiting time to get the Influence. Each "Horizon Alliance" can have a maximum of 5 "City States", each player can have a maximum of one. "City States" are a great source for coins, since they have some decorations that can be sold. Many non-ruby players capture a "City State", sell all its decorations and abandon it, not waiting for the Influence (since it is not an easy task to defend it against other players attacks).  

Cultist Shrines

  Those are a NPC that are the most common on the world map. You may attack them for resources, and of course they will level up after each attack (with a "cooldown" like every other NPC). The formation for each level is different, and as they level up you will need more troops to defeat them.  


Beyond the Horizon rewards can make the difference between a good player and a professional one. Those materials are used to craft "Build Items" for many advanced and high level buildings, therefore making those buildings preform better.

The event has 2 types of rewards: Individual Rewards and Alliance Rewards. All rewards are given at the end of the event. Higher score (or rank) means better rewards !

Individual Rewards

Those rewards are calculated on a daily basis, by the influence you have plundered from other players castles, "City States" and alliances capitals. Your influence is then added to your alliance capital. At the end of every day, the total will accumulate to the next day, and can not be more plundered (this means that attacks on your castle can plunder only that same say influence, but not the total from previous days). At the end of the event, your rank will be determined by the total influence that you made on all days.

Individual rewards for Beyond the Horizon
RankTimberStrawNailsGlueCobble StoneFabric

Alliance Rewards

  Those rewards are based on the total influence in your alliance capital at the end of the event. To keep it intact, your goal is to defend the capital to prevent from other alliances to plunder influence from your alliance.

Alliance rewards for Beyond the Horizon
RankTimberStrawNailsGlueCobble StoneFabric



1150,000112,50075,0005,1002,03590Relic storehouse level 5
Relic bakery level 5
2135,000101,25067,5004,5751,83080Relic storehouse level 1
Relic bakery level 1
3120,00090,00045,0004,0651,62570Relic storehouse level 1
Relic bakery level 1
4-5105,00078,75052,5003,5601,42560Relic storehouse level 1
Relic bakery level 1


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